Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Remotivated After The Post-Holiday Doldrums

Maybe you were raw before the holidays, and even during the holidays, but maybe you also celebrated a little.  Or a lot.  Maybe you decided to "go with the flow" at family gatherings or, like me, decided to revisit old holiday traditions "in moderation."


In any case, maybe you slid of course a little.  Fell off the wagon.  You want to get back on course but you aren't quite sure where to start.  Maybe after the holiday decorations came down, everything started to seem a little drab.  Maybe it's hard to get motivated.

Here are a couple of ideas that may help you get back on track:

1.   Start over.  Remember the free ebooks you downloaded about going raw for a day?  Whatever you did to get started, whatever materials you used, pull those out and do them again!  What?  You never tried the free "go raw for a day" ebooks?  Go to my post, Raw Vegan Freebies, (which is constantly being updated,) where you'll find at your fingertips oodles and oodles of links to free stuff by raw lifestyle gurus.  And no, as of the time of this writing, I have not requested or received payment for these recommendations. 

2.  Get inspired.  Go over to Youtube and find a raw food channel.  Watch a short motivational clip.  Some of them run a bit long, and in that case, watch it until you feel motivated, or as much as you have time for.  Watch or read a little something inspirational each day.  Some of my favorites are: John Kohler of Okraw, Dara Dubinet, Fully Raw Kristina, Dan McDonald, Ka Sundance, and Matt and Angela Monarch of Raw Food World.

3.  Make some simple raw food.  After all that fancy food, maybe all that's needed is a simple raw comfort food dish.  You could try making a simple raw tomato soup in your blender.  Start the day with raw oat shakes.  Make a yummy kale salad.  Keep it down to under five ingredients per dish.  Three is better.  Keep the prep time under 20 minutes, unless you warm it in the dehydrator.

4.  Use the holiday gifts you received!  Maybe your uber-supportive family and friends gave you gifts to support your lifestyle goals.  Maybe you received a new workout outfit, or a new juicer.  Use it!  What?  You didn't receive any gifts like that?  Buy yourself a healthy lifestyle gift!  You bought gifts for everyone else last month, now it's your turn!

5.  Hang out with like minded-people.  Go to a raw food meetup, or visit a raw food cafe.  Feel the good!

6.  Go on a cleanse, or a juice fast.  Or go back on that awesome diet plan.  The Garden Diet is a really great one!  Do it for a day, or three days, or even a week or longer.

7.  Don't forget to exercise.   If it's been a few weeks, take it a bit easy at first.

Here's the good news:  If you were raw for a while, and you fell out of it for the holidays, you may find that getting back into it is much easier than starting out for the first time.  So go for it!

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