Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raw Tapas!

Raw appetizers can be healthy, appealing and delicious.  The last Raw Food Prep Class at the Go Raw Cafe was all about creating mock versions of well-loved finger foods.  Oranges, mushrooms, zucchini and dates were hollowed and filled.  The oranges were filled with a fruity gazpacho- like cold soup.  The mushrooms were piled high with a savory almond pate.  The zucchini was hollowed and filled with a creamy cashew and tomato cheese sauce.  Dates were stuffed with young Thai coconut flesh which was seasoned with smoked paprika and Bragg's Liquid Aminos, reminiscent of bacon.

clockwise from bottom left:  Cheezy Pate Zucchini Cups,  Chilled Orange Cranberry Zester, Po-Bakinz Stuffed Dates, and Stuffed Bellas
The only thing that wasn't stuffed was dessert.  It was a base of raw chocolate, layered with a delicious vanilla cashew cream and topped with a sweet black cherry.  It might not have been stuffed, but it was so delicious that it literally made my eyes roll back in my head.

Dessert:Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials
The moral of the story:  If you'd like to make your raw food a bit more festive, stuff it!