Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life Happens

A little more than two years ago, my family experienced some setbacks.  These types of things can happen to anyone, whether it is a financial setback, a career setback, health setback, relationship setback, or whatever.  In our case, we experienced a few of them.

I remained in favor of the raw food lifestyle, but it was necessary to put more time and energy into other things, leaving less time and energy for this blog and a daily commitment to the raw food lifestyle.  We still juiced regularly and consumed green smoothies, salads, and energy soups, but I found that gradually, more and more processed foods crept into our diets.

As one might predict, my husband and I experienced health setbacks as a result, which complicated matters further.  But we put our heads down, worked hard toward some goals, and we continue to move forward.

My current food lifestyle goal is 90% plant-based, and 10% random.  The random basically means that if I eat something that isn't plant based, I don't put stress and energy into worrying about it.  Usually this happens in social situations.  I've noticed that often, whenever a person asserts that they are vegan when dining out with friends, someone in the group starts  proclaiming their commitment to eating meat.  To be completely honest, I'm weary of the social pressure.  Society is gradually becoming more accepting and supportive of different food lifestyles, but I still encounter occasional veiled hostility.  Whenever that happens, I don't engage like I used to.  Sometimes I might explain my position if the person is a friend who seems interested, but if I sense hostility, I don't pontificate, and I don't defend.  I just step back.

I've noticed I prefer more raw plant based foods in summer, and more cooked in winter.  Cooked rice, lentils, quinoa sweet potatoes, and beans are favorites in winter.  Salads, cool energy soups and cold green smoothies prevail in summer.

When in a social situation and the food choices are more random, I try to choose more whole and plant-based foods whenever possible.

I've noticed over the years that many people who were exclusively raw have either changed their diets to include cooked or paleo foods, or have stopped blogging altogether.  My goal is to get back into a routine of optimal nutrition.  That may be different for each family member.  Personally, my health is always at its best when my diet is 100% plant based and high raw, as long as I consume enough of the right nutrients, such as healthy fats, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

To follow is a quick list of the raw food blogs that I still like to read on a regular basis.  They are updated regularly and continue to inspire me.