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Raw Vegan Freebies!!

This page is devoted to listing all the free information I can find about the raw vegan lifestyle.  I will add new information as I am aware of it, so if you come across something that should be included here, please let me know.  Files are not listed in any particular order.

First, below is a list of organizations that offer a free mini ebook or PDF file about the raw food lifestyle if you provide them with your email address and sign up for a newsletter, many of which include offers to buy their products.

In my opinion, in some cases the newsletters are as valuable as the PDF files.  These free gifts are an effective way for people in the raw food business get the consumer familiar with them and what they have to offer.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether it's worth it to give out your email address and receive the emails in exchange for these freebies; in my case I've been enjoying both the freebies and most of the emails!

I have signed up for all of these, and they have all honored their agreements with regard to the use of my email address.  I have only requested that one stop sending newsletters, which they promptly did.

Check back from time to time, because this post is updated on a regular basis.

Free Ebooks and PDF Files: 

Subscribe to the newsletter at Ascension Kitchen and receive a free ebook, Electric Smoothies.

Holistic Nutritionist Chris Kendell at Raw Advantage offers two free ebooks for joining his mailing list.

Simone at The Raw Warung offers a free recipe ebook for signing on to her newsletter, which is about Indonesian raw food.

Roger Haeske offers a a free newsletter and a free 31 day raw course on his website. 

Rocking Body Raw Food is a one month raw food online bootcamp, including recipes and how to videos.  Sign up for emails and receive two free ebooks.  

Sign up for Chad Sarno's blog and get a free PDF herb and spice guide.

The Raw Foods Witch is offering three free ebooks:  Five Witchy Ways To Eat More Veggies, 28 Desserts You Can Eat Every Day, and 11 Snacks to Silence Your Stomach, plus a 5 week course on eating raw for beginners called "Feel Light Take Flight," and a weekly email called "The Cue," containing tips for living raw.

Rawmazing is offering a free handy pantry list for signing up for their newsletter.

Go to the Renegade Health website and receive a free PDF copy of Kevin Gianni's ebook, "High Raw." 

Join the raw social network Raw Food Rehab  and get the free recipe ebook, "It's Easy Being Green,"  filled with smoothies, salads, soups, snacks, main courses and desserts.  About 21 recipes in all. 

Sign up for Fit Curvy Raw's Fruity Fitness newsletter, and get the free 7 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

Sign up with Ravishing Raw and get the ebook RAw For 3 Days!

The Fresh Network, publishers of Get Fresh, a raw vegan magazine, offers a free back issue.

Funky Raw Magazine also offers a free sample download of their magazine.

Living Foods Magazine is offering a free PDF.

Free ebooks: "Around the World in Ten Easy Recipes," "Introducing Easy, Indulgent, Raw Chocolate," and "Shine on Raw, Your Guide to a Living Foods Kitchen" all for signing up for the newsletter at uncooking101.   

Frederic Patenaude offers three short ebooks, "The Ten Deadliest Mistakes Made by Raw Foodists," "Four Steps to Achieve Your Ideal Weight," and "Easy Raw Food Recipes"

Karen Knowler, "The Raw Food Coach" offers ten free recipes in the ebook, "Go Raw For a Day."  If you try the recipes and write about it on her I Went Raw For a Day facebook page, she'll send you ten more free recipes.

She also offers a free food groups poster.

Jenny Cornbleet, of "Raw Food Made Easy", offers a free ebook, "How To Go Raw For a Day."  There are also many wonderful recipes on her site.  This is not the same ebook as the one offered by Karen Knowler.  I like both of these equally.

Sign up for the Garden Diet free daily inspiration newsletter, and get a free download containing 75 recipes.

The Rawtarian offers an ebook of 11 free recipes.

Russell James, the Raw Chef, will send you a collection of his favorite recipes for free.  There are also many terrific free recipes on his site.  Scroll down the page and see his 6 recipe ebooks.  Click there, scroll down on the new page, and see where you can select your price.  You choose what to pay - $50.00, $25.00, or $10.00.  This recipe collection is excellent, and for ten bucks even people on a tight budget can afford it!

Sign up for Dan McDonald, "The Life Regenerator's vlog, and see three videos of his favorite recipes, plus receive a handy download of his "raw foods shopping list."

Sacred Chocolate offers a free raw chocolate ebook and a 10% off coupon.

The website Raw Pleasure offers a free ebook if you sign up for their free newsletter.

UK-based raw food author Shazzie offers free gifts for signing up for her newsletter.

Get a free Nourishing Wisdom workbook from Nourishing Our Radiance  by Natalia KW and Melissa Geiger M.A.

Subscribe to Girl On Raw and get a download of free recipes.

Free Raw Food Class

Huge Raw Vegan Recipe Collections:
/  (this one has a terrific search feature)  (go to recipe section)
Spark people has a recipe section and if you type "raw" into the search bar, you'll tap into their ever-growing raw recipe collection:

This blog is no longer being updated, but some of the recipes look pretty good:

This one isn't huge yet, but it's new and I have high hopes for it.  It also has a terrific section on raw food safety:

Not all the recipes here are raw, but this is my go to site for raw truffles and homemade raw Lara bars:

Recipe Search Engine: appears to be gone.  :(

Here's a giant list of cool raw people  (in no particular order) to visit online for inspiration, recipes and/or product offers:

Marni Wasserman isn't 100% raw, but she does advocate whole foods:

Raw Vegan Radio Downloaded to Itunes

Raw Food World Radio Show:

Online Magazines:

No recipes, just basic information about superfoods:

Really great raw lifestyle blogs:

(Note:  Not all of these are 100% raw or vegan - some add cooked vegan or even paleo foods - but they still contain great info) all raw but some raw recipes)

These blogs are about a wider range of topics, including raw or health foods:

Raw food online communities:

Not everyone here is raw, but this is a great place to learn how to get maximum use from your Vita-mix:  

Not free but cool anyway:

Gourmet Raw Food Pastry Chef Chaya at Living Vision offers her exceptional recipes for a price.
Raw Reform's Wedding Recipes:

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