Monday, September 10, 2012

Reasons To Go Raw Vegan

I want to do a series of posts specifically targeted at helping people go raw.  The first thing a person needs to go raw is a good reason.  Going raw is not convenient. A person can't keep doing what they've always done if what they've always done is to eat the Standard American Diet.  There are no raw drive through restaurants.  I don't want to discourage anybody.  What I'm saying is the reason to go raw needs to be stronger than the pull of the SAD.

I've gone over my reasons in previous posts here, but other people have different reasons.

 Wyn Matthews spells it out nicely here:

One of the reasons he gave stands out as one that anyone can relate to regardless of their values.  That reason is self preservation.  Here is a link to the video by the respected Dr. Gregor of,  It's worth watching.

My biggest reason is my boys.  Two of them are not yet grown.  A little over two years ago, my younger brother died suddenly of a heart attack.

This morning when I arose, I lightly trotted downstairs to make our morning smoothie breakfast.  Three months ago I was taking each step painfully, one at a time, pausing between each step, gripping the handrail tightly so I wouldn't fall.  That alone is a good reason for me.

Another reason Wyn gave for going raw is a bit more complicated.  It has to do with the meat industry and it's impact on the planet, human health, and animal cruetly.  When we think about the business of turning cows into beef, we think of cattle happily grazing in meadows, eventually ending up in slaughterhouses where we hope their death is quick and painless.  We don't want to know otherwise, because if we know then we are responsible for the choices we make.  But what if the reality is worse than you can imagine?

A few years after "Earthlings" was released, a good friend suggested that this is a "must see" film.  At the time we were discussing vegetarianism.  I mentally filed the film away but didn't see it.  So when I saw the clips on Wyn's blog, I ordered it from Netflix.

At the very least, this movie will make you think about the impact the meat industry is having on the planet.  It's a very hard hitting film, with images that are hard to see.  Once you see it, you can't unsee it.  I've looked and not found an intelligent argument against the points made in the film.  I've never been in favor of animal cruelty, and I hope that most educated people aren't.  The really sick part is that when we buy these meat products, we are participating.  We may not know that we are participating, and we may not want to know.  But the grownup thing to do is to know, and then live according to one's own conscience.

Here's another good article about ethical veganism, "Why Are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan?"

Wyn also mentions the films "The End of The Line," and "Genetic Roulette."  To that list I would like to add "Forks Over Knives."

Edit:  March 20, 2013 -   Recently a long-time raw vegan speaking at an event said that in fact raw veganism is the easiest diet in the world.  The only thing you have to do is cut a piece of fruit and eat it.  He has a point.

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