Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Check-In

We are doing quite well with our raw vegan plans.  I have absolutely no desire to eat meat, cheese or eggs.  Sometimes if I am out running errands while feeling hungry, walking past a restaurant, I think, "If I wanted to I could get a bit of takeout," but I haven't.  Why not?  I think it's because I have so many other options.  If I want something sweet, I choose a ripe juicy fruit.  If I want something a little more substantial, I can have nut cheese.  If I want something salty, cucumbers are good.

Another reason I've been able to resist fast foods and junk foods is that we are maintaining high levels of nourishment.  It seems obvious that if the body is starving for nutrition, the person will eat whatever is available.  I believe it's possible to have a full stomach and a starving body, due to poor quality nutrition.  I also believe that much of the foods that are marketed as healthy is actually below standard for optimal health.

One strange thing I have noticed is that in the past when my nutrition was sub-optimal and I was very hungry, I was more likely to choose high fat foods, even when foods with less fat and a higher nutrient density were readily available.  It is a vicious cycle.

Maybe this is why raw food coaches advise newcomers to raw foodism to not allow themselves to get hungry.  They say to stock up on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, arm yourself with a preparation plan, and stay full of good stuff!  Transitioning to raw foods is probably best experienced in phases, and we are just beginning to experience that.  There are plenty of programs for people who want coaching through the transition.  We've decided to try to figure this out on our own.  We are getting ready for the next phase, where we replace more of our meals with smoothies and simple salads.  We'll consume less of the higher fat raw foods, like nuts.  It's not something we could have done on the first day but it will be easier now.  Recently we enjoyed a raw Italian meal, but it will be the last full three course meal we will have for several weeks.  Recipes and photos to follow, of course!

We are willing to make one concession:  My youngest son loves to bake pizza with a whole wheat crust. We are making it vegan with plenty of fresh vegetables, but it isn't raw.  It's delicious, and it's the one family tradition we've decided to keep.  Perhaps one day we can find a raw crust that we like.

I've been reading:  "Rawsome!" by Brigitte Mars, "Raw Foods For Busy People" by Jordan Maerin, and "Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health" by Rosemary Gladstar.  I've been trying to watch a bit of raw food inspiration on Youtube each day.  Here are a few favorites:

Raw Food World, 
Fully Raw Kristina,
Dara Dubinet

Life Regenerater


My weight has been holding steady at about eight lbs below the starting weight.  Rapid weight loss has not been the main goal - health comes first.  I'm convinced that much of our weight gain was exacerbated by toxins collecting in our bodies, and as we eat cleaner foods, we are clearing out the toxins.

I'm feeling an increase in mental clarity, and a lifting of brain fog.  I'm feeling happier and more comfortable in my skin.  It's easier to get out of bed in the morning.  Most of the fatigue has dissipated, although that should improve as I exercise more.  Usually, I find it very difficult to cope with the heat in the summer heat here in the desert, and lose all motivation to go anywhere or do anything.  Even though this is a very hot summer, and it's 108 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 85 degrees indoors today, so far I'm doing okay.  I've finding it easier to find  acceptance and a balanced perspective on things.  It seems easier to deal with stress.  The benefits definitely make the effort worthwhile.

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