Thursday, June 14, 2012

Low Glycemic Raw

I recently read a blog where someone said they can't go raw because raw vegans eat mostly fruit and she can't handle a high carb diet.  Here's the thing - not all raw vegans are fruitarians.  Some might be better described as sproutarians.  Personally, my body doesn't seem to do that well on a high fruit and nut diet either - but leafy greens and sprouts are wonderful for me.  Here's a list of low glycemic veggies for my future reference.

While I'm posting links, here's a recipe for a smoothie I'm dying to try.  It's a dessert smoothie and trust me, you can definitely gain weight on a raw vegan diet, but who can resist butterscotch?

Update:  We tried the smoothie, but replacing the young coconut for macadamia nuts because one of the kids is allergic.  It was pretty good but I didn't quite get the butterscotch flavor.  Maybe without the coconut it needs one more date.  I would definitely make it again.

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