Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

Saturday is our day to go pick up our fresh produce from the food co-op, Bountiful Baskets.  It's so much fun to bring all of that home, line it up on the kitchen counters, and begin to plan what we'll do with it.  We never know what we'll get ahead of time, and it's always a pleasant surprise.

An advantage of Bountiful Baskets is that once we bring that produce home, we are committed to eat it.  If we don't it will go to waste.  It's a great way to make sure that the family eats their vegetables.  Fortunately the produce seems to be fresher than it is at the grocery store, so it keeps a bit longer.

Another advantage is that we save save time and money.  It's not that the produce is really all that inexpensive.  A person might be able to read the grocery ads, figure out what's on sale, and buy at the lowest prices.  It saves us money by keeping us out of the grocery store, so there is no temptation to buy things that aren't on the list.  Often the more trips we make to the grocery store, the more we spend.

Getting up that early on a Saturday is usually a bit painful, but since we have been starting our day with the Amazing Meal, it's a lot easier.  I have a lot more energy with fewer aches and pains.  I am loving it!  It's about $35.00 for 15 servings at Sunflower Market, -  and we add fruit to it so it costs a bit more.  We looked at other brands but at that price it's one of the best raw green drinks with enzymes, probiotics and raw vegan protein.  It may seem like it's expensive but it's a lot less per meal than a visit to Starbucks or heaven forbid, the drive -through at a fast food place.

This has been a wonderfully healthy day.  We ate well, and after picking up our produce we visited one of my favorite stores, Herbally Grounded, and picked up some sprouting jars and alfalfa seeds.  More on that later.

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